Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Human Mind - The Last Frontier

It is a perceiver of reality and creator of myths, it is a sanctuary of faith and formulator of laws, it is a twilight zone where the good and evils are locked, and it is the last Frontier where the seeker is sought.

From oceans depth to the acme of the universe unchartered horizons greets each one of us every now and then. No one knows how many frontiers are still to be proclaimed.

What seem to be surprising are the human minds phenomenal strength and depth. Human mind makes each one of us unique.

Many of the world's renowned scientists, scholars, philosophers, professors from the past to the present acknowledge the huge leap of the human intellect that enable humans to secede from others.

Many people are not knowingly aware that the entire formation of our society in addition to technology is all a consequence of human mind. Basically human intelligence is continuously engaged in frequent research. Its continual thrust is adamant.

It is the human wisdom that gave Sir Isaac Newton to ponder why apple always tumble down. That simple incident made the land mark discovery that bestowed the world with the keys to quietly unravel the secrets of the Universe.

No one came so close to confine the human disposition in its widest variety as Shakespeare did. He was not an exceptional observer but he looked deeply into his own mind to find everything he needed to know. According to Charles Lamb he created the very "sphere of humanity".

Alexander Graham Bell's unique bond with deaf students proved to be a watershed event of his life and he went on inventing a transmitting speech device. His visionary of sending speech over a wire became true.

A newspaper and candy selling boy Thomas Alva Edison without schooling, without hearing went on inventing electric vote recorder to electric bulb. The key upshot of being incredible successful inventor was his unique mental stamina.

Steve Job a billionaire was an adopted child by a lower middle class couple experimented with different pursuits in the family garage. He went on revolutionizing his co produced Apple's products dictating the evolution of Human wits.

Most of the things in this universe that are known to Human Mind are still unknown. To understand the depth of human mind is the same as to understand the infinity of the Universe. Human mind is the eternity of all creative geniuses.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Real Story Behind the Mafia

We've seen a lot of movies about the Mafia. Ever since Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece, "The Godfather" a lot of people have become interested in the exiting world of the Mafia. Yes we've all been through the hype of watching a world filled with rich, powerful men playing with guns and doing drugs. But this is just one side we see in the movies.

But what is the real story behind these gun slinging men?

Do the movies do a fair portrayal of the Mafia or are their stretching the truth and adding drugs, sex and murder to make the plot more interesting?

There's so much to learn about this group of gangster.

And to answer all our questions it is best to start from the beginning.

Though, no one knows the actual story of how the Mafia began there were a lot of speculations. Some people believe that the Mafia was formed to protect the less fortunate. This sounds far from what we see in the movies, doesn't it? Though their reasons were considered noble and even heroic, their procedures were very extreme and the methods they use to "protect" are illegal.

During the early 1900's, the Mafia did very illicit crimes to help the less fortunate and their own families. However, as the years went by, the Mafia became selfish and opted to help themselves and do everything they do for their own benefits.

One more fact about the Mafia is that they have a very well organized family tree. This family tree involves everyone who has been included in the society. Everyone from the boss, who obviously are on top of the chain, and the soldiers, who are, of course, at the bottom.

If you ever consider yourself to join the Mafia you need to be sure that you are prepared for that kind of thing. People who want to be in a Mafia need to pledge an oath to the boss.

The oath states as followed:

"I *person's name* wish to be a part of this organization to protect my family and to protect my brothers. With my blood. And the blood of all the saints and all the souls of my children. I swear not to reveal this secret and with love, to obey the amerta. I enter this organization in life and will only let death be the reason for my leave.

The society of the Mafia have completely changed today. It has improved and evolved into something that the public has considered to be society. Nowadays, the Mafia is now under the authority of the Government.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mafia in the 1900's

No matter what you call them, whether it's Gangster or La Cosa Nostra, it is no doubt that The Italian criminal societies, or more commonly known as the Mafia have been an ingredient of the social and economic recipe of Italy. And even the whole world.

One thing people know about the Mafia is that it is a very lethal and dangerous organization and we would never, ever cross with any one of its members.

Though we've heard a lot about them in movies and in books, few people actually know the true story behind the Mafia.

Its history and how it began is the question that every gangster movie fans are asking themselves.

In this article, we will get an overview of the Mafia's origin and the story of how this controversial group came to be.

First, let us start in the beginning. In order to understand the Mafia we must first understand its true purpose. Believe it or not the Mafia did not start off as an organization of betrayal and deceit, it actually had a noble purpose. According to the History, the Mafia was formed in the year 1282 and it was formed to help the less fortunate. Though the purpose was noble it didn't mean that their way of obtaining it was. The Mafia usually used terrorists like methods to gain the public's respect and their fear. As the years went by, a hundred to be exact, the Mafia grew into a very powerful organization. However in the year 1900 it was threatened to be taken apart by a man named Benito Mussolini. He tried to destroy the Mafia in Italy. With this reason, the Mafia decided to move in the United States of America. When they moved to the U.S they branched out to three different cities. These cities are New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

The Mafia grew more powerful in America. But it was threatened to fall apart once again when they were sent to jail by a dictator. With an ironic twist of fate, the US troop mistook the imprisoned Mafia as political prisoners. Not only were they set free, but they were also anointed as Mayors and Police Chiefs giving them more power and authority to do what they do.

The secret society of the Mafia may have been established in the late 1200's it grew further in the year 1900's

The year 1900 also marked the renaissance of the Mafia. This was the year where everything that we know about the history of Mafia took its course.

By knowing the history of the Mafia and finding out the real deal behind it. Our eyes have become more open and we realize just how dangerous the world can be

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Howard Carter: Archaeologist or Grave Robber

In 1922 a tomb of a Pharaoh was discovered in the cemetery of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. In the Valley of the Kings and for the very first time, a tomb that was still sealed. The world waited in awe to see what was inside. The first person to look inside was the person that had been searching for this tomb for years. Then the waiting was over and the British archaeologist Howard Carter peered into the dusty tomb. What he saw was something remarkable. He saw toys, the toys of a boy. Then he knew he had discovered the tomb of King Tut.

Carter and King Tut

Until today, the tomb of the Pharaoh boy King Tut remains the richest royal collection ever found in Egypt. After years of futile searching the tomb with its rich collection of artefacts in gold caused a sensation and even today, it still gets the most attention of all the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

Damaged Mummy

One would assume Carter would look after the boy once he discovered the boy was still in the tomb. Sadly this was not the case. Carter did what he wanted to do and one thing was to see what treasure was with the boy. The 3000-year-old body of Tut was damaged. The body that lay safely in the sarcophagus had a golden mask and that was worth more than the body itself for Howard Carter and his team.

Eventually the mummy lost the tug of war and ended up in 18 pieces. The neck broke off completely. Carter also removed all the amulets and jewels and recorded their position on the king's body.

The Royal Mummy Re-examined

In 1968 a team of scientists opened the mummy that Carter said he re-wrapped in 1926 and found he had lied. The royal boy was covered by a simple sheet on a tray of sand almost exactly like in the pictures seen from him taken in 1926.

The arms, both were severed from the chest at the shoulders. Also the forearms and hands had been amputated so that they could have removed his bracelets. The legs were removed or amputated at the hip, knees and even at the ankles to establish the age of the young king.

Furthermore the body trunk was completely separated from the pelvis to facilitate its removal from the mummy coffin. The boy had to give up his mask but with this also his head as this was severed from the cervical vertebrae. Tissue at the back of his head was also destroyed in the attempt to get the mask.

Cover Up of the Damage

Since Carter knew what they had done to the King boy, they used a sand tray to support the mummy while being photographed. This camouflaged the damage. Lastly new pictures in 1968 showed that in 1926 the boy still had a right ear and a penis. This was gone in 1968.


When Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the Pharaoh King Tut in the Valley of the Kings the world praised his efforts. Then in 1068 when the boy was opened for research the team was shocked to see the condition of the mummy. Contrary to reports by Carter and his team, the mummy was not re-wrapped and his body had been severely damaged. His legs and arms were amputated to remove bracelets and his head was broken off to remove his golden mask. In hindsight Carter seemed to have treated the discovery in the way Grave Robbers did with the other tombs. Sadly the boy did not get the proper attention, one fitting a King.