Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Human Mind - The Last Frontier

It is a perceiver of reality and creator of myths, it is a sanctuary of faith and formulator of laws, it is a twilight zone where the good and evils are locked, and it is the last Frontier where the seeker is sought.

From oceans depth to the acme of the universe unchartered horizons greets each one of us every now and then. No one knows how many frontiers are still to be proclaimed.

What seem to be surprising are the human minds phenomenal strength and depth. Human mind makes each one of us unique.

Many of the world's renowned scientists, scholars, philosophers, professors from the past to the present acknowledge the huge leap of the human intellect that enable humans to secede from others.

Many people are not knowingly aware that the entire formation of our society in addition to technology is all a consequence of human mind. Basically human intelligence is continuously engaged in frequent research. Its continual thrust is adamant.

It is the human wisdom that gave Sir Isaac Newton to ponder why apple always tumble down. That simple incident made the land mark discovery that bestowed the world with the keys to quietly unravel the secrets of the Universe.

No one came so close to confine the human disposition in its widest variety as Shakespeare did. He was not an exceptional observer but he looked deeply into his own mind to find everything he needed to know. According to Charles Lamb he created the very "sphere of humanity".

Alexander Graham Bell's unique bond with deaf students proved to be a watershed event of his life and he went on inventing a transmitting speech device. His visionary of sending speech over a wire became true.

A newspaper and candy selling boy Thomas Alva Edison without schooling, without hearing went on inventing electric vote recorder to electric bulb. The key upshot of being incredible successful inventor was his unique mental stamina.

Steve Job a billionaire was an adopted child by a lower middle class couple experimented with different pursuits in the family garage. He went on revolutionizing his co produced Apple's products dictating the evolution of Human wits.

Most of the things in this universe that are known to Human Mind are still unknown. To understand the depth of human mind is the same as to understand the infinity of the Universe. Human mind is the eternity of all creative geniuses.