Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mafia in the 1900's

No matter what you call them, whether it's Gangster or La Cosa Nostra, it is no doubt that The Italian criminal societies, or more commonly known as the Mafia have been an ingredient of the social and economic recipe of Italy. And even the whole world.

One thing people know about the Mafia is that it is a very lethal and dangerous organization and we would never, ever cross with any one of its members.

Though we've heard a lot about them in movies and in books, few people actually know the true story behind the Mafia.

Its history and how it began is the question that every gangster movie fans are asking themselves.

In this article, we will get an overview of the Mafia's origin and the story of how this controversial group came to be.

First, let us start in the beginning. In order to understand the Mafia we must first understand its true purpose. Believe it or not the Mafia did not start off as an organization of betrayal and deceit, it actually had a noble purpose. According to the History, the Mafia was formed in the year 1282 and it was formed to help the less fortunate. Though the purpose was noble it didn't mean that their way of obtaining it was. The Mafia usually used terrorists like methods to gain the public's respect and their fear. As the years went by, a hundred to be exact, the Mafia grew into a very powerful organization. However in the year 1900 it was threatened to be taken apart by a man named Benito Mussolini. He tried to destroy the Mafia in Italy. With this reason, the Mafia decided to move in the United States of America. When they moved to the U.S they branched out to three different cities. These cities are New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

The Mafia grew more powerful in America. But it was threatened to fall apart once again when they were sent to jail by a dictator. With an ironic twist of fate, the US troop mistook the imprisoned Mafia as political prisoners. Not only were they set free, but they were also anointed as Mayors and Police Chiefs giving them more power and authority to do what they do.

The secret society of the Mafia may have been established in the late 1200's it grew further in the year 1900's

The year 1900 also marked the renaissance of the Mafia. This was the year where everything that we know about the history of Mafia took its course.

By knowing the history of the Mafia and finding out the real deal behind it. Our eyes have become more open and we realize just how dangerous the world can be