Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Real Story Behind the Mafia

We've seen a lot of movies about the Mafia. Ever since Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece, "The Godfather" a lot of people have become interested in the exiting world of the Mafia. Yes we've all been through the hype of watching a world filled with rich, powerful men playing with guns and doing drugs. But this is just one side we see in the movies.

But what is the real story behind these gun slinging men?

Do the movies do a fair portrayal of the Mafia or are their stretching the truth and adding drugs, sex and murder to make the plot more interesting?

There's so much to learn about this group of gangster.

And to answer all our questions it is best to start from the beginning.

Though, no one knows the actual story of how the Mafia began there were a lot of speculations. Some people believe that the Mafia was formed to protect the less fortunate. This sounds far from what we see in the movies, doesn't it? Though their reasons were considered noble and even heroic, their procedures were very extreme and the methods they use to "protect" are illegal.

During the early 1900's, the Mafia did very illicit crimes to help the less fortunate and their own families. However, as the years went by, the Mafia became selfish and opted to help themselves and do everything they do for their own benefits.

One more fact about the Mafia is that they have a very well organized family tree. This family tree involves everyone who has been included in the society. Everyone from the boss, who obviously are on top of the chain, and the soldiers, who are, of course, at the bottom.

If you ever consider yourself to join the Mafia you need to be sure that you are prepared for that kind of thing. People who want to be in a Mafia need to pledge an oath to the boss.

The oath states as followed:

"I *person's name* wish to be a part of this organization to protect my family and to protect my brothers. With my blood. And the blood of all the saints and all the souls of my children. I swear not to reveal this secret and with love, to obey the amerta. I enter this organization in life and will only let death be the reason for my leave.

The society of the Mafia have completely changed today. It has improved and evolved into something that the public has considered to be society. Nowadays, the Mafia is now under the authority of the Government.